Onion is considered an aromatic vegetable because it contains strong aromatic oils with a very visible smell and strong taste. What distinguishes this smell and taste are sulfur acids, which have a very important role in onions, not only give this wonderful flavor and distinctive smell, but also make the onions rich With insulin and antioxidants, that’s not all… 

Onions have many benefits to combat many current diseases, as a medium-sized onion contains about 90% of water, 40 calories, and 9 grams of carbohydrates, while fat does not exceed 0.10 grams.

A role in reducing bad cholesterol in the blood, which promotes heart health and performance, and it also contains vitamin C and compounds to strengthen the body’s immunity.

Experts say that quercetin, which is present in onions, protects humans from cancer, such as colon and stomach cancer. As for chromium, which is found in the roots, it contributes to regulating the rates of breakage in the blood, in addition to being a strong antibacterial, sterile, and killer of many types of bacteria.

Delicious Onion Oil Flavor:

The flavor of onion oil is one of the essential and indispensable flavors, and it is used by 90% of cuisines around the world and in all cultures, but why?

Because of the aromatic oils contained in onions, which blend with others in a homogeneous manner with the flavors of vegetables and oils to give almost any type of food a very delicious and distinctive flavor.

TDA flavors:

Our company relies on extracting flavors from natural sources to be identical to the original taste in a very high percentage and even completely identical to the real flavor, and the manufacture is carried out under the supervision of specialists and experts in this field to offer you high-quality products of food flavoring, which you can view through our online store, click here to visit Our store to learn more about our products of food flavorings.

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Tell us which flavor you want to try
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