Fennel Oil

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Fennel Oil

with a new and strong oily flavor that will give your products a wonderful and unparalleled taste.
Distinctive flavor with a fresh and wonderful taste made from natural sources to obtain a high-quality flavor by experienced specialists to ensure more spread of the flavor with its natural taste.

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  • This product can be used in many industries of various foods, sweets, and cakes.
  • Our products have a distinct taste and high concentration for a much better result.
  • All of our products are compliant with ISO global system.
  • Our products are safe and suitable 100% for all ages
  • TDA Flavors products are manufactured under the care and supervision of experts to get the highest possible quality.



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نكهة زيت الشمر

Fennel is a flowering plant and an important food component of the carrot family. It is a perennial herb with yellow flowers and beautiful feathery leaves that give it a distinctive shape. It originated in the Mediterranean, but after it acquired a wide range of flavor and benefits, it spread widely in many parts of the world, and it often appears naturally in dry soil near the coasts of seas and on the banks of rivers.

Fennel oil, which is extracted from fennel seeds with great care, has many benefits, it can be used to treat digestive disorders, dried ripe fennel seeds and fennel oil are used in the manufacture of some medicines, and fennel can be used orally to relieve excessive crying in infants when feeling (colic) It also helped with the pain associated with menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea), and menopausal symptoms, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses, but it earned its medical reputation, which has spread widely in the fields of alternative medicine.

Fennel oil also contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, which, when applied topically on the skin, will have amazing results, whether it is puffy skin, or applying it to puffiness under the eyes, or even to relieve redness and rosy skin, fennel oil helps calm and calm your skin to help it rejuvenate You look healthier and happier.

Delicious Fennel oil flavor:

Fennel is similar to onions and other bulbs, but its taste is much closer to anise flavor or licorice. After cooking the fennel seed becomes more mild, so even those who hate licorice love fennel, it is also used in many dishes around the world, it is a traditional plant, and with a flavor Light and subtle, fennel is used raw in salads (because the flavor is stronger when raw), some use it as a stir-fry, or slow steamed until it’s sweet and mushy.


Our company relies on extracting flavors from natural sources to be identical to the original taste in a very high percentage and even completely identical to the real flavor, and the manufacture is carried out under the supervision of specialists and experts in this field to offer you high-quality products of food flavoring, which you can view through our online store, click here to visit Our store and learn more about food flavorings.


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