Garlic Oil Flavor

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Garlic Oil

with a new and strong oily flavor that will give your products a wonderful and unparalleled taste.
Distinctive flavor with a fresh and wonderful taste made from natural sources to obtain a high-quality flavor by experienced specialists to ensure more spread of the flavor with its natural taste.

Important information
  • This product can be used in many industries of various foods, sweets, and cakes.
  • Our products have a distinct taste and high concentration for a much better result.
  • All of our products are compliant with ISO global system.
  • Our products are safe and suitable 100% for all ages
  • TDA Flavors products are manufactured under the care and supervision of experts to get the highest possible quality.



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نكهة زيت الثوم

The garlic that we have known since our childhood, and which our grandparents and our people used before us, and which occupied the forefront in all civilizations around the world and entered into the majority of ingredients for very wide types of foods, did not gain this fame just because of the flavor that is characterized by it, but because it also offers many important benefits to the human body. Which is absolutely indispensable…

The acids and sulfurs that garlic contains in its composition can protect against cancer, infections and kill bacteria, as it is considered a strong sterilizer capable of protecting the body from them, and garlic is from the onion family and has healing properties in common with onions as well, but it is superior to it in terms of some things…

Garlic is used to lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well, in addition to its antioxidant properties, which reduce the risk of common brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as these antioxidants protect against cell damage and aging.

Delicious garlic oil flavor:

The garlic oil flavor is one of the essential flavors that cannot be dispensed with, and it is used by 90% of foods around the world and in all cultures. Also in some dishes of rice, salads, milk (yogurt) and many others… The essential oils possessed by garlic are able to give a very tasty and delicious mixture that greatly improves the flavor of food, and this flavor of course requires very great accuracy and great experience to extract it in a way that is identical to the natural flavor And this is what we offer you from food flavorings.


Our company relies on extracting flavors from natural sources to be identical to the original taste in a very high percentage and even completely identical to the real flavor, and the manufacture is carried out under the supervision of specialists and experts in this field to offer you high-quality products of food flavoring, which you can view through our online store, click here to visit Our store and learn more about food flavorings.


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Tell us which flavor you want to try
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