Rose water is a flavored water made by soaking rose petals in water. It is also made from the distillation of rose petals, and can also be condensed to produce rose oil for use in perfumes.

Rose water has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can help wounds heal faster, and these properties can help clean and fight infections that can be transmitted through cuts and burns. It can also help heal wounds, burns, and even scars faster…

Rose water is also good for the skin, as it is known for its ability to balance natural oils, reduce the appearance of temporary redness, naturally moisturize your skin, provide antioxidant protection, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, create a smoother appearance, and temporarily reduce the appearance of large pores.

Rose water can help smooth out dark spots and puffy eyes without irritation, next time you wake up with puffy eyes, don’t panic! Soak a few cotton pads in some rose water and place them around your eyes for five minutes, this will help you instantly reduce any puffiness or discoloration and make you look more vibrant.

Cooking with rose water is also a simple way to elevate the sweet and savory dishes. Use it to add a floral element to frozen foods such as prawns and some desserts and drinks as well, and for baked goods such as biscuits and cupcakes, try a few drops of it in a liter of cold drinking water, you will definitely feel refreshed.

Across many different cultures, rose water is commonly used in dessert recipes. Here are some of the ways it is used by different cuisines:

In India: Rose water is present in many Indian sweets, which are known as Mitai or Mishti. Among the popular Diwali sweets, rose water (a cold, juicy treat) and Liangsha (a fried dessert) is often a delicacy flavored with rose water.

Middle East: Rose water is often used in recipes for halva, Turkish dessert, and sometimes baklava. It is a major ingredient in the Lebanese rose water rice pudding, and in rice milk as well.

France: Rosewater is sometimes found in French pastries such as madeleine, macaroons, and Palmer’s pistachio delicacies.

And most other regions offer many drinks with rose water. Adding a little rose water is a great way to instantly raise the level of cocktails such as Hawaiian juice and Rosaro, Ruby Rose and Paloma, and other wonderful drinks such as jallap, which is widespread, especially in Syria and Lebanon.

Plus, it can be added to lemon and strawberry juice to balance out the tart fruit flavors in those drinks.


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